winlogon. What is the EXE process and how to clear it


Some netizens saw winlogon Exe process, leave a message to the developeppaer editor. thatwinlogon. What is the EXE process and how to clear itDo you? This is the topic that Xiaobian will talk about today. The editor summarized the winlogon Exe process content analysis to everyone.
winlogon. What process is exe
The Windows NT user login program manages user login and logout. The normal path of the process should be c:\windows\system32 and run as system user.
winlogon. What is exe? Do you want to delete it?
If it is not the above path and is not running in the system user, w32 Netsky. [email protected] Worm virus, which spreads through email. When you open the attachment sent by the virus, you will be infected. Infection is that the user tampers with the shortcuts and icons of the user’s program through a virus. In serious cases, it will automatically link to some navigation websites, and then add some undeleted favorites to the browser. Let the user do nothing.
This is still a small problem, winlogon Exe will also steal the user’s game account and online banking information, so that users can constantly pop up spam ads when using the computer, and even pop up some information such as winning prizes. So we must kill it immediately. How to check and kill?
The most direct and best way to use is to install a 360 or Jinshan anti-virus software to check and kill the computer process. General users need to install a self-defense anti-virus software. Xiaobian uses the latest version of 360 security guard v8.8.0.1002 as a case. Enter the main interface of 360, as shown in the figure:
The operation method is very simple. You only need to execute it according to the instructions, and click “full scan”. After scanning, restart the computer to see if it returns to normal.
The above is winlogon What is the EXE process and how to clear winlogon Exe process, hope to help you~