Windows uses profier global agent configuration is available; Configuring global proxy in Windows 10 with SOCKS 5


Recently, we need to configure the global agent to walk Socks5 on windows. We found that the same type of solution has cow pcap and so on. We found that it is better to use the profiler by trying!



How to activate the key
Jczbx-a3n3f-9dwy5-327v5-dkuxx (tested, available)
User name customization
Reference connection

Download the Standard Version, and then configure the socks agent to use. I use this software to walk Socks5 secondary agent;

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1. When performing the program executed by the agent administrator, you need to right-click to select to run the proxifier as the administrator, so that windows can perform the program executed by the agent administrator;

2. When using mobaxtermand   When using SSH tunnel, you should add motty.exe to direct connection by using direct instead of proxy;

3. It can be used separately by proxifier agent; Other applications use direct mode for proxy( 2020-8-30 supplement)

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