Windows & Ubuntu dual system, perfect to uninstall Ubuntu (no residue, no pollution)


When dual system uninstalls Ubuntu, if you format the Ubuntu partition directly from Windows disk management, the boot disk of Ubuntu will cause problems when the computer starts, so this operation is not recommended.

Before uninstalling Ubuntu, you need to distinguish the BIOS startup mode. You can check the BIOS startup mode by entering msinfo32 in the input box through Win + R.

  • The startup mode of legacy BIOS (not verified): with the help of software mbrfix.
  • UEFI startup mode (verified)
    • Download a softwareEasy UEFI
    • After installation and startup, click Manage EFI startup item, then select the EFI of Ubuntu and delete it (the delete key is one of the small icons on the right)
    • Then you can delete the Ubuntu partition in disk management


After deleting the Ubuntu partition, if the word “skip checking disk” is displayed at boot time, you can use the following method (I don’t know if the problem has been fundamentally solved)

  • Win + R, enter regedit and enter
  • In the following path HKEY_ LOCAL_ Machine / system / currentcontrolset / control find session manager
  • In session managerFind bootexecute in the folder and double-click to open it
  • Delete the bootexecute data autocheck autochk *