Windows terminal edge cmder


In the field of it, most of the time, it is recommendedLinuxOr classUnixOperating system programming,LinuxAs a generation of excellent operating system, it has become the core of IT industry. The conditional big guys all choose to use MAC programming, the best is the terminal experience, andLinuxA completely consistent command line brings a lot of convenience, but what about users of windows? I believe everyone has used the CMD terminal. Is it good or not. I’m sure you’ve got judgment in mind.

Windows terminal edge cmder

I. why to change to cmder

Now I would like to recommend a Windows terminal — >cmder
Let me show you two pictures first

Windows terminal edge cmder

Windows terminal edge cmder

I don’t need to say that I can tell the difference between them at a glance. In fact, the biggest difference between them is that cmder fully supportsLinuxCommand line, including VI, and can be opened more, shortcut key copy paste, split screen, etc., very powerful
Official website of cmder

Windows terminal edge cmder

Download and install

1. Download

Full version download link, click to download directly
Https:// by yourself

  • There are two versions when downloading on the official website

    • Mini version, simple command line only
    • Full version, including git function (GIT of distributed version control system)

Windows terminal edge cmder

I recommend that you install the full version so that you don’t have to install git separately
Full version download link, click to download directly

2. installation

The installation is very simple. After downloading, just unzip it to the directory where you store the software
Windows terminal edge cmder

Then double clickcmder.exeYou can simply experience it first

III. personalization

This software can completely replace the CMD terminal of windows system, of course, it needs some humanized settings

1. Configure environment variables

I just have the above picture. The configuration of environment variables is too simple. There are too many on Baidu. They are all general routines. After the configuration of environment variables, you can directlyWindows+rRun cmder in the key to open the terminal
Windows terminal edge cmder

In the figure above, I have also configured git, so I won’t say that Git is not an internal or external command

2. Configure the right-click menu to start

Right click administrator to runcmder.exe, and then copy the following command tocmderOnce in

//Set the right mouse button anywhere to start cmder

Windows terminal edge cmder

3. Enter the setting method

Right lower cornerThree, and selectSettingsOr use the shortcut key directlyWindows+Alt+pOpen Settings
Windows terminal edge cmder

If you are not used to English, you can change the setting to Chinese

Next time you open the settings again, they will speak Chinese again. Only this setting takes effect once, others can take effect permanently
Windows terminal edge cmder

4. Set font style, etc

Set the font style, size, etc. do not check the red position in the figure, otherwise the problem of overlapping and dislocation of the cmder terminal font will occur
Windows terminal edge cmder

The font size of the terminal interface can be modified in the settings, or you can slide the mouse wheel in the terminal interface, or double-click the touch panel to zoom and adjust the font size

5. Memory of window position

Check these two settings. You only need to set them once. Next time, the location and window size of the last terminal on the desktop will be remembered automatically
Windows terminal edge cmder

6. Set VI modeESCKey minimization of windows

  • Change the red in the figure to exceptalwaysOther options of VI, otherwise you will be unable to switch modes when using VI
  • Check the green option to open multiple terminals and display multiple windows in the taskbar

Windows terminal edge cmder

7. Solve the problem of Chinese code disorder

in uselsCommand, the Chinese code solution, the following code will be copied to the location in the figure

set LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8
set LC_ALL=zh_CN.utf8

Windows terminal edge cmder

8. Force as default terminal

  • The green setting in the figure can forcecmderRegister as the default terminal of windows

After setting this option, the system will take effect after startup, and even if you open CMD, it will be executed in the window of cmder

  • The red option can solve the problem that a pop-up window will pop up to confirm closing every time the console is closed

Windows terminal edge cmder

9. Solve the pop-up window when pasting multiple lines of text

For example, executing multiple lines in a terminalSQLStatement, always pop up a prompt, check the option to solve
Windows terminal edge cmder

10. Change the command prompt to$

The default command prompt isλYou know Linux is$, here is the modification method, which is not necessary

1) first of allcmderFound in the installation directory ofvendor/Directory, and findclink.luafile
Windows terminal edge cmder

2) right click to open with sublime

  • You can open it without sublime or Notepad + +. If not, you can also open Notepad

3) it can be openedCtrl+FFind the fields below
local lambda =
4) willlocal lambda =""Replace the value of with$
Windows terminal edge cmder
5) save and close, restart the terminal

11. Change the terminal terminal of idea tocmder

1) open other setting interfaces in idea, as shown in the figure

In idea, settings is effective for the current project, and other settings is effective for all projects

Windows terminal edge cmder
2) modify the path of shell path as shown in the figure, and replace with the following content

Windows terminal edge cmder

Please change the installation directory of cmder to your installation directory

//This method is reliable and avoids the failure of environmental variables
"CMD. Exe" / K "" your cmder installation directory \ vendor \ init. Bat ""

//Or, this needs to have an environment variable
"CMD. Exe" / K ""% cmder home directory name of environment variable configuration% \ vendor \ init. Bat ""

3) open terminal again to use Linux command
Windows terminal edge cmder

12. Set the terminal terminal of vscode to cmder

1) open Settings
Windows terminal edge cmder

2) searchcode save, click to open the settings JSON file
Windows terminal edge cmder

3) paste the following code into the file and change it to the content you need

Note to change the installation directory of cmder to its own
Windows terminal edge cmder

//Set terminal to cmder
"": "cmd.exe",
"": {
    //Set the root directory of the cmder
    "Cmder" root ":" root of cmder "
"": [
    //Set startup initialization directory
    "Cmder root \ \ vendor \ \ init. Bat"

//The following settings are not required
//Terminal color configuration
"workbench.colorCustomizations": {
    //You can place the mouse on the color number below to choose according to your preference
    "terminal.foreground": "#37FF13",
    "terminal.background": "#2b2424"
"terminal.integrated.cursorBlinking": true,
//Set row height in terminal
"terminal.integrated.lineHeight": 1.1,
"terminal.integrated.letterSpacing": 0.1,
"Terminal. Integrated. Fontsize": 12, // font size setting
"Terminal. Integrated. Fontfamily": "Monaco", // font settings
"": "/bin/zsh"

4)Ctrl+JOpen the terminal and you can use it
Windows terminal edge cmder