Windows sets the system default browser by modifying the registry


Some time ago, a program asked to obtain the default browser of the system. Baidu and Google worked for a long time, and then combined with procmon.exe to track the registry operation information of the browser to open the web page and find the final location. Here is a summary. Pro test win10 multiple browsers are OK. When we need to modify the default browser, just follow this step to modify it accordingly.

1. Introduction to the structure of the default browser configuration in the registry

First, let’s talk about the structure of storing this key value in the system.

1) A name is stored in a specific path of the registry, such as test

2) Take the test as an intermediate path in another path of the registry, and then store the default browser path of the specific default browser and a default command line format in the multi-layer sub path under this path.

Let’s look at an example.

2. Actual operation display

Environment used:

Operating system: win10 20h1
Browser: Google Chrome

1) At HKEY_ CURRENT_ The progid key value of user \ software \ Microsoft \ windows \ shell \ associations \ urlassociations \ http \ userchoice is [chromehtml]





Step 2: modify HKEY_ CLASSES_ The value of root \ chromehtml \ shell \ open \ command is [“C: \ program files (x86) \ Google \ chrome \ application \ chrome. Exe” — single argument% 1]


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