Windows Server2008 R2 MVC environment installation and configuration tutorial


In web development, we can’t avoid setting up the running environment. I think it’s a work without any technology and wasting time. So, we can record the steps of setting up the environment, hoping that we can help our friends in need to avoid detours. If some friends encounter problems not mentioned in this article, we are welcome to contact with the author and discuss common progress together

Windows Server2008 R2 MVC environment configuration — SQL Server 2008 R2

1. Download address: Microsoft? SQL Server? 2008 R2 SP2 – Express Edition

2. Extract the image (. ISO file)

3.1 run setup as Administrator

3.2 if you are prompted to install. Net framework3.5, please install. Net framework3.5 first, because sql2008r2 requires the support download address of netframework3.5: Microsoft. Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 can be installed step by step according to the prompts. Restart SQL installation after installation 4.1.0 to start installation

4.1.0 testing of installation support rules (testing whether the current system environment can support sql2008 R2)

4.1.1 enter version key

4.1.2 acceptance

4.1.3 installation support documents

4.1.3 setup support rules

4.1.3 setting roles

4.1.4 select function installation (in order to prevent trouble later, select all)

4.1.5 installation rules

4.1.6 instance configuration. According to your own needs, it is also available by default

4.1.7 disk space demand detection (enough space)

4.1.8 server configuration – according to your own business choice, please refer to the following description: local system: local system user, commonly used in personal computer network service: network service user, can remotely connect to database local service: local service

4.1.9 database engine configuration, mixed mode is recommended,Note: remember the password!!!

4.2.0.analysis services configuration

4.2.1. Reporting services configuration, which is OK by default

4.2.2. Error report is OK by default. It specifies whether to send error report to Microsoft in case of error

4.2.3. Installation and configuration rules

4.2.4. Preparation for installation

4.2.5. Everything is ready, wait patiently

4.2.6. After the installation is completed, return home

4.2.7. Tips (Xiaobai can find our installed SQL Server in the following way)

4.2.8. If you have uninstalled SQL before or failed to install it, you may encounter the following problems in step 4.2.3:

Solution: (find the following path and delete these files)

Rerun the test: OK, go ahead

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