Windows Script rots.vbs for remotely starting terminal services


ROTS v1.05
Remote Open Terminal services Script, by zzzEVAzzz
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cscript c:\scriptpath\ROTS.vbs targetIP username password [port] [/r|/fr]
port: default number is 3389.
/r: auto reboot target.
/fr: auto force reboot target.

Description: Windows Script for remotely starting terminal services.
Features: independent of whether the target IPC $is open or not.
Principle: directly access the windows management specification service (WMI) of the target.
Support platform: win2kpro   win2kserver   winxp
usage method:
In the command line mode, use the script host program cscript.exe provided with windows to call the script, for example:

c:\>cscript   ROTS.vbs  < Target IP >  < User name >  < Password >  [ [service port]  [ [auto restart option]

Service port:   Set the service port of terminal services. The default is 3389.
Automatic restart options:   Use / R to automatically restart the target after installation to make the settings take effect.
                Use / FR to force the target to restart( If / R doesn’t work, try this)
                When using this parameter, the port setting cannot be ignored.

The script will judge the target system type. If it is not server or above, it will prompt you whether to cancel.
Because terminal services cannot be installed in Pro.
If you are sure the script is wrong, continue the installation.

If you want to use it locally, the IP address is or a dot (represented by). The user name and password are empty (represented by “”).

The 135 port of the target accessed by the script. If the 135 port of the target is not open or the WMI service is closed, the script is useless.

This script is free software. Please specify the original author for modification and release. Thank You for Your Cooperation.
I provide limited technical support. If you have any questions, please send me a short message on the grey track forum. My ID is zzzevazzz

Last update: October 16, 2002
Update record:
one point zero five    Fixed an error when overwriting the registry
one point zero four    Fixed a bug in judging the system.
one point zero three    Distinguish between safe lifting and forced lifting.
one point zero two    Fixed a bug in the error prompt.
one point zero one    Added the ability to change ports.
one    Complete basic functions.

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