Windows reinstalling MySQL


  Please use zip package to install MySQL instead of MSI!!!

It is obviously easy to install MySQL in windows. Why do I feel so bad?

The reason is that the first time you install it successfully, and the second time you install it again, there will be some strange things. The online tutorial will let you delete all kinds of registries. Is it hard

The source of this pitfall is that you used the MSI package of Mysql to install it. This is the following. Anyway, I have installed it for many times without success, so I used the MySQL image of the docker on the ECS before


Moreover, installing MySQL on MSI will be installed on Disk C by default. I am unable to roast

WeMust useZip package installation method:MySQL installation package


After downloading, I unzip it here to: d:\java\mysql


Enter the mysql-5.7.33-winx64 directory, create the following two directories (note that you should set your file to show hidden suffixes), and put data into our new tables and system tables, my Ini is the MySQL configuration file. You can configure ports, absolute paths of data directories, etc


My The. INI file is as follows. What we need to change is basedir and dataDir


#Set as your own MySQL installation directory
#Set to MySQL data directory
#Enable query cache
#With this configuration, you can log in with any user name and password, even if it doesn't exist


Configure environment variables and add them to the path


  Here is the key!!!

  1. open CMD in administrator mode

2. CMD switch to the bin directory of MySQL, that is, the directory where the environment variables are configured above

3 Generation service: mysqld install
4 Start MySQL service: Net start MySQL

5. (optional) if you want to delete the MySQL service just generated:mysqld -remove

6. (optional) if you want to check whether the generated service has been started, you can win+r, open the run, and enter services MSC can see all services


7. if there is no problem, you can use it: MySQL -uroot -p123456. The user name and password here can be written at will

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