Windows — multi network card Internet access settings


Today, I came across a problem of accessing the Internet with multiple network cards on windows. The problem is that there are three network cards on Windows computer, one wireless and two wired. One of the wired network cards is only used for some data transmission of the LAN. This network card is always connected. It is called a special network card. When I connected the wireless network card to access the Internet, I found that I could not connect to the network because the system used the special network card by default.

Therefore, the network needs to be configured to limit the use of special network cards only for special purposes.

Method 1: configure routing

For the method of configuring routing, refer tolink

In fact, my requirements are relatively simple. Special network cards can only be used in special scenarios. It is a little troublesome to use the method of configuring routing. In addition, this method needs to increase permissions. If you want to take effect permanently, you also need to write a batch file and put it in the Windows startup folder.

Method 2: set network card priority

For this problem, in fact, I only need to set the Internet priority of the special network card to the lowest. The setting method can be implemented using the control panel or PowerShell,Reference link, as follows:

control panel:

  1. Open Settings – network and Internet – Status – change adapter options, and open the network link window;
  2. Select a special network card, right-click properties, select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4), and click properties to open its property setting page;
  3. Select the General tab, click the Advanced tab, uncheck the automatic hop in the IP settings tab, and give it a default value. The higher the value, the lower the Internet access priority.

The implementation of PowerShell can be seen in the links above, which will not be repeated in this article.

The advantage of using method 2 is that it is simple and has a small influence range, and there is no need to upgrade permissions or write batch file to set the startup item.