Windows local link VMware virtual machine redis service


Use local windows to link the redis service of VMware virtual machine

My virtual machine system is: Windows Server 2012

First copy the redis server to the server and extract it. The directory is as follows


This is just a demonstration, so it will not be installed as a window service. You can directly start the service in a non system service mode. Before starting, you need to do the following configuration:

1. Turn off the firewall of window server 2102 system on the virtual machine

2. Configure the file, and modify the following configuration

a. The bind is the system IP of window server 2102, and the system IP of my virtual machine is


b. Protected mode yes to protected mode no

c. Set access password: requirepass 123456

d. Port No.: 6379 by default. Because it is a test, use the default

e. Set store to Max memory 1024000000

If you can’t connect, please refer to the article:

OK, now you can start the service. The success is as follows:


Now use the local client redis Desktop Manager to link the redis service of the virtual machine:


Of course, you can also make the redis of virtual machine into the form of system service!


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