Windows create domain share file


Windows create domain share file

Common file systems in Windows:


NTFS features:

You can set permissions on individual files or folders

Support for larger disk capacity

Support encryption and compression

NTFS required for Active Directory

Disk quota required

I. Experimental Environment:

Windows sever2008 creates a shared folder, creates a domain controller, and installs domain services. Please refer to:

Please refer to for details on how to join the domain

Win7 access to shared files (3 methods):

   1.Browse through the Internet

   2.Via UNC path

   3.Map network drives

2. Experimental steps:

1. Create a shared folder. Take the domain user as an example


2. Win7 joins the domain (you need to set your DNS as the IP address of win2008, please refer to the blog for details)




3.1win7 login domain users can operate on shared files (network sharing must be enabled)


3.2win7 can be accessed by computer name or by IP UNC path


3.3win7 find the shared folder and map it to a network drive


3.4 as shown in the figure below, you can see that the network drive was created successfully, and you can access the network drive directly in the future





For Active Directory Domain Services installation, please refer to the link: