Windows CMD command management service


Today, in the process of installing software on windows clean environment, after the installation is completed, it is found that the website deployed on IIS cannot be used, and you will be prompted   ” The parameters you submitted are incorrect!, Please resubmit“

Pure Windows 7 X64 bit environment, check   IIS installation and website deployment are normal; Inspection found: state service   The service was disabled and did not start.

Considering that if the customer uses it, the other party will not handle the problem, a bat script is created for processing to facilitate startup / inspection.

sc config aspnet_state start= auto   

sc stop aspnet_state

sc start aspnet_state

(Note: 1. There is no space before start =: “=”= auto   :”=“ There is a space after; Otherwise, the execution fails!

2、sc   set up   Services that may be disabled; Net for services that are not disabled

Syntax: Net / SC   start   Service name   — Open service

net/sc   stop   Service name   — Shut down service


Attachment: SC general grammar

Sc.exe command function list: (in the following commands. = There is a space after the sign, = there is no space before the sign!  )

1. Change the startup status of the service (this is a useful function)  
2. Delete service (it is not recommended to delete any system services, especially basic services, unless you are clear about the services required by your computer’s software and hardware) — SC / net   Delete service name (SC more effective)
3. Stop or start services (similar to net stop / start in function, but faster and more services can be stopped)

Use SC to open a disabled service. The syntax is:  
SC config service name start = demand / Auto / disabled    // automatic   // Manual   // Disable  

SC start service name  
SC stop service name  


Article reference  Fallen maple:《CMD commands start and disable services manually and automatically》

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