“Windows beautification series” part 1: Desktop Management


“Windows beautification series” part 1: Desktop Management

Hello everyone, I’m repairing!

Today, I’m going to open a new pit to tell you how to beautify windows.

Today is the first article to teach you how to manage the desktop.

Don’t put more pictures directly


This is my desktop, only a temporary folder, is it spotless?

You may ask: repair, your desktop has no shortcut, how do you open the software?

Hehe, actually I have a special way to start.

So good, the tutorial begins!



First of all, you need to create a folder for shortcuts, anywhere. For example, I create a path folder on disk D and move all the shortcuts to it, as shown in the figure below.


Then copy the path to this folder

Open the system in the control panel and open the advanced system settings


Then click Advanced, and then click environment variables


Find path in the system variable and click Edit


First add a semicolon to separate, and then paste the path you just copied


Then you are changing the name of the shortcut to the name you want to enter. For example, I changed Photoshop to PS. Then press Win + R key, input the file name you just changed, you will find that the application is open!

Is this way of opening very powerful? Go and have a try!

If you don’t want to use my way and just want to tidy up the shortcut icons on your desktop, please check out the article on cheese:Learn the way of desktop management from Einstein