Windows 7 computer modify hosts file screen website text tutorial


How does win7 modify the hosts file?Today, we have compiled and sorted out the operation method of modifying hosts file screen website on win7 computer. The following is the l-text tutorial on modifying hosts file screen website on win7 computer. Come and learn with the small editor.

           The operation method of modifying hosts file screen website by win7 computer

1. First, find the hosts file. In the 32-bit system of windows7, the location of the hosts file is under the “C: Windows system32drivers etc” folder, as shown in the figure:

2. Right click the hosts file, select the open option, and select notepad in the open mode. As shown in the figure:

3. After entering the mode of using Notepad editing, we input the URL we want to block and an IP address that is not the website on the network, as shown in the figure. This is the address of the local computer. As shown in the figure:

4. After adding, click “file” → “save as”, select a location to save, and the location selected by editor is desktop. Note that the name of the file should be written as “hosts”. As shown in the figure:

5. At this point, one will appear on our desktop“ hosts.txt We rename it and remove its suffix. As shown in the figure:

6. Copy the obtained file to the directory where hosts files are stored, namely “c:windowssystem32drivers etc”, and overwrite the original file. As shown in the figure:

7. At this point, we type in the browser’s address bar“ ”We will find that we have been unable to enter the home page, successfully blocked. As shown in the figure:

matters needing attention:

1. To cancel the screening, you only need to delete the corresponding entry or add “ා” to the corresponding entry.

2. The reason why it can not be saved directly is that Windows does not allow direct modification of the hosts file, and ordinary users do not have the right to save the file in the directory where hosts is stored, so they can only modify it by means of overlay.

The above is a small compilation for you about the windows 7 computer to modify the hosts file screen website specific operation process, hope to help you, developer will continue to publish more information, welcome everyone’s attention.