Windows 11 official version build 22000.194 official simplified Chinese version and English Version (consumer version and commercial version) Download


Yesterday, a San officially released windows 11. The version number was 22000.194, that is, the beta version on September 1622000.194, just changed a file name, especially the hash verification of the consumer version is consistent.

The large version number of windows 11 is still 10.0 [version 10.0.22000.194].

Windows 11 is still a split design of “Metro style” and classic style. The control panel is still not improved, and the settings still jump around (just reduced).
The core change is to inherit Jobs’s legacy, modify the dock (taskbar) center, lanchpad style start menu, rounded form

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New windows 11

The new windows experience brings you closer to the people and things you love.

Windows 11

Get a new perspective

Windows 11 provides a calm and creative space, and a new experience guides you to pursue your love. From a new start menu to a new way to connect with people you care about, news, games and content, windows 11 provides a place for you to think, express and create freely.

Windows 11 照片

Maximize productivity

Easily access all applications and multitask with tools such as proximity layout, desktop and more intuitive new experience.

Windows 11 贴靠功能在一个屏幕上显示三个应用程序

New connection method

With Microsoft teams, you can immediately connect to the people you want to contact directly from your desktop. Free call or chat – no matter what device the other person uses.

Windows 11 屏幕显示 Microsoft Teams 应用和任务栏图标

Your content, you organize

With Microsoft edge and many optional widgets, you can quickly and timely understand the information, information and entertainment you care about most. Easily find the apps and favorite programs you need in the new Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 小组件屏幕

Game time, anytime, anywhere

The new windows provides a great gaming experience and can play many game masterpieces.

3 台笔记本电脑屏幕上显示视频游戏

make preparation

Windows 11 has not been released yet and will be available later this year. If you are looking forward to this, you can start to make some preparations now.

Check compatibility

Use the PC health check app to see if your current PC meets the requirements to run Windows 11. If yes, you can upgrade for free when Windows 11 is launched.

Download application


Minimum system requirements

processor 1 GHz or faster64 bit processor(dual or multi-core) or system on a single chip (SOC)
Memory 4 GB RAM
storage 64 GB or larger storage devices
Graphics card Support DirectX 12 and WDDM 2. X
monitor Greater than 9 inches, HD High Resolution (720p)
Internet connection Settings for windows 11 home edition require a Microsoft account and an Internet connection

Some functions require specific hardware, see the detailedsystem requirements

⬇ Download address

Release – 22000.194:

All are official ISO.

The historical version is contained in the folder and will be cleaned up irregularly.

  • Simplified Chinese – consumer version (build 22000.194)
    Family Edition, family single language edition, education edition, professional edition, professional education edition and professional workstation Edition
    File name:zh-cn_windows_11_consumer_editions_x64_dvd_904f13e4.iso
    SHA256: 47b8d4105bf48ba7a2827d037ccf1635035afefa48e168045f7b9d76f54dbe8f

  • Simplified Chinese – Commercial Version (build 22000.194)
    Education Edition, enterprise edition, professional edition, professional education edition and professional workstation Edition
    File name:zh-cn_windows_11_business_editions_x64_dvd_f5f6bcbd.iso
    SHA256: 81c007e119bb0cf0c58abea9d9578b4c09935f929e609fb3954aab43bcb83269

  • English – Consumer (Build 22000.194)
    Home, Home N, Home Single Language, Education, Education N, Pro, Pro N, Pro Education, Pro Education N, Pro for Workstations, Pro N for Workstations
    Filename: en-us_windows_11_consumer_editions_x64_dvd_bd3cf8df.iso
    SHA256: 667bd113a4deb717bc49251e7bdc9f09c2db4577481ddfbce376436beb9d1d2f

  • English – Business (Build 22000.194)
    Education, Education N, Enterprise, Enterprise N, Pro, Pro N, Pro Education, Pro Education N, Pro for Workstations, Pro N for Workstations
    Filename: en-us_windows_11_business_editions_x64_dvd_3a304c08.iso
    SHA256: 6939b236e6976f6eeaea045de805801f312700300c8359d17c0abf31b35371e3

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