Windows 101903 system error prompt update failed how to fix 0x8007139f


Win101903 version in the process of updating, the system failed to update the error prompt 0x8007139f, what should we do?Developers feel that we can use clean boot to eliminate the problems of third-party applications, and then check the internal components of the system. Here is a detailed picture and text tutorial for friends who need to take a look!

Win101903 update failed. The solution to the error prompt of 0x8007139f is as follows:

Method 1

You can run dism repair (this may take a few minutes) before performing the update.

1. InSearch box or XiaonaSearch for keywords such as“command”, findcommand prompt

2. Right click to select“Run as Administrator”。 If you are prompted to enter the administrator password or confirm,

3. Please typepasswordOr click“U-Nee ”Or“yes”。 Type the following command,

4. Then press“Enter”Key:DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

5. Type the following command, and then press“Enter”Key:sfc /scannow

6. Close the command prompt and run windows update again.

Method 2

Turn off windows update service

1. InSearch box or XiaonaSearch for service or input inservices.msc, enter,

2. Open the service application and find the“Windows Update”Right click to select stop.

3. Delete the update file——Delete path

C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStoreandC:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DownloadAll files under.

4. Restart the windows update service—— Open“service”Application, right click“Windows Update”Choice“start-up

5. Try to check and install the update again.

The above is the solution steps of win101903 system update failure error prompt 0x8007139f, which is shared by developer. I hope this tutorial can help you!