Windows 10 RS5 17643 jump preview fix content and known Questions Summary answer


Microsoft has updated the RS5 17643 jump preview to express channel users today. What has windows 10 RS5 17643 jump preview fixed? And what are the known problems with windows 10 RS5 17643 jump preview? Here are the fixes and known issues.

Windows 10 RS5 17643跳跃预览版修复内容与已知问题

The following are the updates:

Fix move the mouse over an element and repeatedly remove the element. The reveal effect sometimes does not appear.

Fix the problem of screen flashing when adjusting the screen after rotating equipment.

Fix the problem that the spell check menu always appears on the main display on a PC with multiple displays.

The following are known problems:

If you open the settings and click on any link to the Microsoft store or the link in the prompt, the settings will crash. This includes links to get themes and fonts from the Microsoft Store and links to Windows Defender.

When recovering from sleep, the desktop may be instantly visible until the lock screen is displayed as expected.

When movie and TV users deny access to their video library (via “allow movie and TV access to your video library?” Pop up window or through windows privacy settings) when the user navigates to the personal tab, the movie and TV crashes.

Tiling and cascading windows, including features such as view side by side in word, will not work with inactive tabs.

The office visual basic editor window is currently selected, but is not intended to be used in the future.

Opening an office document while the same application is opening an existing document can cause an unexpected switch to the last active document. This can also happen when you close a sheet in Excel while other sheets remain open.

Local or non Microsoft cloud files will not be recovered automatically, and error messages will not be provided to remind users of this fact.

Setting UX for office Win32 desktop applications is not final. These experiences will be improved over time based on feedback.

When maximized, the top of some Win32 desktop application windows may appear below the tab bar. To fix the problem, recover and re maximize the window.

Turning off a label can sometimes minimize the overall setting.

The file browser ribbon does not remain open on restart.

A problem will cause the narrator to read additional text when Alt + tab is called and is in the process of being fixed.

You cannot scroll pages in Microsoft edge using the arrow and page up / page down keys. You need to use other input methods (mouse, touch or touchpad).

Microsoft is making the final adjustment to the spring function update of windows 10, and the development of the next function update code named Redstone 5 is in progress. Today, the company released windows 10 build 17643 to insiders, which is aimed at users of fast channel’s jump preview version.

Windows 10 RS5 17643跳跃预览版修复内容与已知问题

Update contents of windows 10 RS5 17643 jump Preview

Set support for office 365

Setting up with office 365 makes it easy to group all projects, recall and refresh data sources. Whether it’s updating your excel budget with stock prices and credit card fees every month, merging data from multiple reports and websites into PowerPoint, or managing citations for book reports in word, the office 365 suite can help you get more done faster.

Office 365 subscribers can only experience this function by joining the office insider and running the latest version of office 365 Win32 Application.

Sets improvement

For most desktop (Win32) applications that use the default and non custom title blocks, the suite is now enabled. Applications that customize the title block will not have sets functionality (for example, paint.exe).

If you have opened a Microsoft edge window in sets, you can now drag the tab within sets and drop it into another sets window. Dragging between the sets window and a separate Microsoft edge window does not work.

Note: after installing this version, some insiders may see sets disappear temporarily. Sets should take effect in 1-2 days. Users can also restart the PC to make it effective.

Microsoft edge improvements

Microsoft Web driver is now an on-demand feature that makes it easier for you to get the right version for your device. You can install webdriver by opening developer mode or by going to Settings > Applications > applications and features > Manage optional features and installing them separately.

Microsoft webdriver is now installed in C: $windows \ \ \ system32 \, and once installed, it will automatically be in the path of the machine. We will now publish the 64 bit Microsoft webdriver to the x64 machine. Please note that there is a known problem when using selenium in visual studio to build x64 machines. By default, visual studio will build 32-bit and check only the C: \ windows \ \ syswow64 \ folder of the path variable.

To fix this problem, locate and build 64 bit from visual studio. In future releases, we plan to release 32-bit and 64 bit binaries in FOD for 64 bit machines, which should solve this problem.

Data perception improvement

Roaming improvement: does your device have a SIM card? We updated the data usage settings to let you know how much data you used when roaming. Roaming usage information will appear after you start using roaming data. If you want to fully enable or disable roaming, you can find this option under cellular settings.

Magnifier improvement

Select the position of mouse cursor: we have heard the feedback that we are required to center your mouse on the screen in full screen mode. We are implementing this function. The new options of setting > access convenience > magnifying glass > keep mouse… > center screen can more easily track and use the mouse, especially at a higher magnification.

More zoom level increment options

You also want better control over the scale level increments, adding two new increments: 5% and 10%.

The above is the summary of the repair content and known problems of windows 10 RS5 17643 jump preview version brought by the developer editor. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comment box below. We will do our best to answer for you. Thank you for your support as always, and please continue to pay attention to the follow-up tutorials and software of developepaar.