Window shortcut


Lock screen

1. Many times, you need to leave your seat temporarily to do other things. If you pay great attention to your computer security, you might as well press and hold the windows key and then press the L key, so that the computer will lock the screen directly, so you don’t have to worry about the leakage of computer data


Turn on my computer

2.When looking for files on the computer, most people will first find “my computer” and then click to open it. Experts are always cool and gently press the key on the keyboardWindowsHold the key and press againEKey, directly open the computer explorer, and ordinary people are still slowly looking for the icon of “my computer”. Well, that’s how experts directly kill ordinary people


Desktop flash

3. While playing games or watching shameful things, boss came in! The mouse can’t click the display desktop in the lower right corner at once. What should I do? What should I do? take it easy!Press directlyWindowsKey sumDKey, look, desktop flash!


3D effect switching window


4. A little trick, quite dazzling.  Press the windows key and then press the tab key to display the switching window in 3D effect


Video recording function of windows


5. Windows has its own video recording function.Press the windows key + R, enter psr.exe, and then you can start recording.


Window Mobile Center (settings)Display brightness, volume, turn on wireless network, book power, etc.)

6.Do you know how to adjust the brightness and volume of the monitor at one time, turn on the wireless network, and see the battery power of the notebook? Put the picture of the notebook on the TV. The line has been connected. How do you need to set it?Small case, if you want these functions, you just need to press the windows key + X to meet all your wishes at one time!


Cool virtual keyboard

7.Windows + REnter OSK and a cool virtual keyboard will appear!If you press a key, it will also display the pressed state!


Window magnifier

8. What if the picture is too small and the eyes are not good?  Try the windows key and + + + + +, and the magnifying glass appears!

Tab switch

9. Now many programs, such as QQ and ie, open several pages in the same window. With Ctrl + tab, you can switch between several pages. Use Ctrl + w to close the current page.


Open system properties

10.Press the windows key, then FN, and then home, and you can open the system properties( In fact, right click on my computer with the mouse – > properties are the same, but I don’t think it’s more handsome to operate with the keyboard~^

New window

+Taskbar window icon = create a new window

CTRL + s save Ctrl + W close program Ctrl + n new Ctrl + O
Quickly move the cursor to the file header Ctrl + end quickly move the cursor to the end of the file Ctrl + ESC display start menu Ctrl + Shift+<
Change window size Alt + Tab two programs exchange Alt + 255 QQ number enter anonymous Alt + F open file menu Alt + V
Permanently delete the selected item without putting it in the recycle bin. While dragging an item, press Ctrl to copy the selected item. Press Ctrl + shift while dragging an item
Bold text (when the target is selected); CTRL + I italic text (when the target is selected);   CTRL+Q
Paste the last item to the cursor. CTRL + X: cuts the selected text to the clipboard. You can undo the action you just did (Ctrl + Z) multiple times. CTRL + 0: add 12 points before each paragraph of the selected text. CTRL + 1: if the selected text line spacing is not “single line spacing”, quickly set it to “single line spacing”. CTRL + 2: set the selected text line spacing to double line spacing. CTRL + 5: set the selected text line spacing to “1.5 times line spacing”. CTRL + F2: quickly execute the print preview function. CTRL + F4: close the current document. CTRL + F5: restore the window to the state before maximization. CTRL + Shift + F5: opens the Bookmark dialog box. CTRL + Shift + F8: activate the column selection function, which is commonly referred to as selecting vertical block text (press again or press ESC to cancel this function). CTRL + F9: insert a field mark “{}” at the cursor (Note: a pair of braces entered directly cannot be used as a field mark). CTRL + F5: restore the window to the state before maximization (press again to maximize the window again). CTRL + deltet: delete an English word or a Chinese word behind the cursor (can be used repeatedly). CTRL + backspace key: delete an English word or a Chinese word in front of the cursor (can be used repeatedly). CTRL + Enter: quickly move the content behind the cursor to the next page. CTRL + end: quickly move the cursor to the end of the text. CTRL + home (or Ctrl + page)
Up): quickly move the cursor to the beginning of the text. CTRL + insert + insert (that is, press the insert key twice): quickly open or change the task pane to the clipboard state. CTRL + ~: open the “online word making” function of Chinese input method. Press Ctrl + +: to return to the normal state again. CTRL + Shift + +: quickly switch to superscript input state (press again to restore to normal state). CTRL + →: move the cursor backward according to the interval between English words or Chinese words. CTRL + ←: move the cursor forward at intervals between English words or Chinese words. CTRL + J: align both ends of text Ctrl + L: align text left Ctrl + Q: paragraph reset Ctrl + W: close the current document Ctrl + Y: repeat the previous operation (some operations are not applicable – winkey + D

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