Window. NETCORE nginx configuration


1. First, go to the official website to download nginx

Official website address:

2. After downloading, my files are placed in D: \ installfiles \ nginx \ nginx-1.19.5 \ nginx-1.19.5 (according to your choice)


3. Click to enter the conf directory, and then edit the nginx.conf file



5. Edit as follows: points needing attention:

a. In the first step, the upstream name netcoreproject (freely named) after upstream should be consistent with netcoreproject in the second step;

b. The port in step 3 cannot be the used port number, and it is better not to use the default port 80;



6. Use the command window and the dotnet command to start the website with the port of 572657275728 (these three port numbers are the port numbers in the upstream referred to in the above figure);

7. After downloading nginx, use the CMD command window to locate the directory where the nginx.exe file is located, and then nginx.exe starts the nginx service;

8. Direct access in web pages http://localhost:8888 (the port number 8888 here is the port number configured in step 3 of the above figure). When you see the content of the web page, nginx is used successfully;


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