Win7 system open software error code 0xc0000022 is what reason? How to solve it?


WIN7 system application error can not properly start code 0×c0000022 how to do? Many windows7 users will encounter software can not open when using the computer, the system pop-up window prompted error code 0xc0000022, then, how to solve this? Below small series to bring you Win7 open software prompt error code 0xc0000022 solution, the need for friends to look at it.

Causes and solutions of error code 0xc0000022 caused by opening software in Win7:

The reason is that a DLL file under Windows/system32/ is not registered.

2, if you can know which file is not registered, just do the following: start – run – CMD input and enter – regsvr32.exe /s plus the path name (generally segsvr32.exe /s C: Windows \system32\ some. DLL)

3, if you don’t know is which. DLL has not been registered for the following: start – run – type CMD and press enter to enter in the for % 1 (% windir % \ system32 \ *. DLL) do regsvr32. Ext/s % 1 (in order to prevent the input error is a good idea to copy the code, and then in the pop-up CMD window cursor blink in paste right click the mouse, the second piece of code running time some long, please be patient), after the operation, such as the DLL file after registration finished can shut down – all restart, note: Do not close the run window when the above code is running, so as not to cause data loss.

End of the article, the above is about Win7 system open software prompt error code 0xc0000022 what is the reason? How to solve it? If you have the same problem, click the above steps to solve the problem.

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