Win10 uses dism + + to install. NET3.5 offline


.Net3.5’s installation package is too laggy for Win10. Installing.Net3.5 online will be very card (nothing to do with the network). It’s best to use Dism++ to extract the offline image of Win10 system.

Open dism + + software and follow the steps below:

  1. Select programs and features
  2. Select windows features
  3. Select the local source and directly select the “SXS” folder extracted from the corresponding system image file
  4. Check “NET3.5 service”
  5. Click “apply” in the lower right corner
  6. The installation ends when the progress bar is completed

“SXS” folder extracted from 64 bit image files of dism + + software and win10 (recommended):Win10 offline installation using dism + +. NET3.5 extraction code: il7a
Dism + + official download address (GitHub is unstable):
Win10 system image file download (when only the “SXS” folder is required, the entire image file does not need to be downloaded):MSDN, I tell you