Win10 user interface will be significantly improved win10 user interface improvements


As we all know, some media claim that some new codes have been found in the newly released preview version of windows 10, which may indicate that windows 10 will be greatly adjusted in the UI. These contents are based on Windows 10 build 20197 released by Microsoft to testers of dev channel of windows insider program. This preview version has a new disk manager and bug fixes, but it also includes references to the start menu of windows 10 and the “winui” of the operation center. Don’t miss it if you are interested.

Windows 10 UI design concept diagram (source from network)

According to the scanning of program database (PDB) files in Windows 10 build 20197, the following fields have appeared in the middle:




Winui is the next generation user interface platform designed by Microsoft for foldable devices such as windows, windows 10, windows 10x and surface duo. Winui will be used to refresh existing Win32 applications and create new Win32 or uwp applications with a new UI style. Now the start menu, operation center and other modern elements are written in XAML. They use UI components from “windows. UI. XAML”.

Windows 10 UI design concept diagram (source from network)

In theory, these references suggest that Microsoft may allow the start menu and operation center to use more UI components from “winui” than the current “windows. UI. XAML”.

In this way, it is not difficult to infer that the purpose is to use general controls on the windows platform and achieve more overall consistency in the whole operating system, from the start menu and operation center UI to various applications that have used winui. According to the windows 10 UI design concept drawing from Microsoft a few days ago, the future windows 10 may have circular windows, buttons, more fluent design styles, and some new UI components.

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