Win10 update patch kb4556799 causes system audio problems and data loss solutions


According to windowslatest, Microsoft released the cumulative update of kb4556799 for windows 10 last week as part of the Patch Tuesday update. This update brings some new features and improvements to the operating system, but it also seems to contain some errors.

After updating kb4556799, reddit users reported that there were some problems with the PC audio system. Windows 10 reset all audio drivers and even deleted Realtek audio drivers. The user said that after installing the update, his audio device can no longer make sound. However, this problem can be solved by disabling the audio enhancement and reinstalling the Realtek driver.

In addition to audio problems, some Microsoft forum users reported that they had data loss after updating win 10. It is worth noting that Microsoft may overwrite the default user profile when loading the temporary profile during the update process, which has been reported in the past. But Microsoft has never acknowledged this problem.

One solution is that the user can restart the PC about six to eight times to load the default profile and restore all user files.

If the solution does not solve the problem, the user can also go to“set up”>“Update and security”>“View update history”>“Uninstall updates”, and then uninstall the latest cumulative updates. Return when finished“Update settings”And pause updates to ensure that problematic updates are not downloaded again.

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