Win10 UAC pop-up window is too boring but can’t be closed?


As we all know, Microsoft has introduced UAC protection mechanism into the system since Windows Vista, which largely avoids the risk of changing the key components of the system and greatly improves the security. But the side effect of UAC is that it creates extra pop ups! Although Microsoft has been optimizing the logic of UAC since win7, and the number of pop ups has been greatly reduced, in some cases, UAC will still be troublesome. How to solve it? Don’t miss it.

UAC setting in win10, it is not safe to shut down completely

For example, many DIY enthusiasts will use a variety of hardware detection software, such as CPU-Z, aida64 and so on. However, because this kind of software needs to read the key information of the system, it will trigger UAC every time it is opened, which is very annoying. However, UAC should not be turned off. After all, this is the key security defense line of the system. Is there any way to avoid the trouble of UAC for this kind of software? We can use this third-party tool to create a white list for UAC.

Every time you start software like aida64, UAC will be triggered. Is there a better solution?

UAC whitelist tool:

This is a small tool from domestic developers, it’s very small, only more than 10 K, but the role is very large. Just like its name, the UAC whitelist gadget’s biggest function is to enable UAC to support the whitelist mechanism. As long as the specific software is placed in the UAC white list through this small tool, and the UAC window will never pop up when this software is opened in the future.

UAC whitelist widget interface

UAC whitelist tool is very simple to use. This is a green software, decompression can be run directly. Note that this UAC whitelist widget will trigger UAC pop-up, but this problem can be solved by itself.

After opening the software, add the software that you want to add to the UAC white list, and then the widget will generate a shortcut for the software. It can be seen from here that the UAC whitelist tool will not directly modify the system or software, and it is relatively safe. After that, through this shortcut to start the software, UAC prompt will not pop up, very convenient!

Add the software that you want to run without the UAC pop-up

Generate a shortcut, through this shortcut to open the software, you will not play UAC

So what is the principle of this UAC whitelist tool? By looking at the shortcut generated by it, it is found that it starts the program by using Windows scheduled tasks, so that UAC will not be triggered, which can be described as a very clever setting. As can be seen from the software interface, if you want to remove a software from the white list, you need to open the planned task management of win10, which is very reliable in principle.

The principle is to start the program with a scheduled task

Win10 scheduling task does show that the corresponding program is running

In general, this is a simple, compact but very practical software. If you want to reduce the trouble caused by UAC, try it!

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