Win10 system game Caton how to do win10 game optimization method introduction


Win10 is too laggy to tell the editor that the game is rather baffling, but not in the win7 system before Ming. In fact, there are two reasons for this. One is the computer hardware, and the other is the game version. Generally speaking, the compatibility of the new game with win10 will be better. The following small series will bring some simple win10 game optimization tips. Friends in need come and have a look!

Introduction to win10 game optimization method

I Turn off Nagle algorithm

Nagle algorithm is a set of algorithms in TCP protocol. It can package small data packets into a pile and send them again to reduce the transmission times. It is mainly used to improve bandwidth utilization and avoid network congestion. The biggest problem is that the delay of some online operations is too high, which leads to the jam of online games.

1. Press the shortcut key win + R to call up the “run” dialog box, and enter “regedit” to enter the registry editor;

2. Paste the following address into the address bar of the registry editor: computer \ HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces;


3. Click the lower registry key in turn to check whether the “dhcpipaddress” value is included in the right pane;

4. Under the sub item containing “dhcpipaddress”, create two DWORD (32) values, named “tcpackfrequency” and “tcpnodelay” in turn, and set all the key values to “1”. be careful! There may be more than one sub item containing “dhcpipaddress”, all of which should be added;

5. After restarting the computer, Nagel is completely disabled;

II Set graphics performance

Click Settings > system > display, move the right window to the bottom, and click graphics settings.

By default, win10 will list all the games installed on the machine, and automatically assign “high performance” or “energy saving” according to the game category. What we need to do here is to check whether there are any missed fish and ensure that all games run in “high performance” mode. If you don’t find the game you want to play, you can click the “Browse” button to add it manually, and then manually assign the “high performance” mode (pay attention to distinguish whether the game is a desktop application or a Microsoft Store application).

III Disable full screen optimization

Full screen optimization is that the game will have a black screen at the moment of switching to the desktop. In the full screen optimization mode, the graphics card will render the game, so the performance of the game will be slightly better (that is, there will be a black screen when entering and exiting the game). Instead of the full screen optimization mode, the graphics card should not only render the game, but also take into account the desktop, and the performance is slightly worse. So how to close it?

1. Right click the game icon and select “properties”;

2. Click “compatibility” > “disable full screen optimization” in the pop-up dialog box, cancel “disable full screen optimization” and restart the game;

Note: this function is related to computer hardware and games. Some people check it and others cancel it. Whether it is checked or not depends on the measured results on your computer.

IV Turn on win10 game mode

In addition, win10 also has a built-in “game mode”, which has three functions. The first is to allocate more CPU and graphics card resources to the game, the second is to suspend irrelevant processes, and the third is to prohibit wn10 automatic update during the game.

By default, this setting is automatically turned on, and we usually don’t need to operate it. However, sometimes it may be mistakenly closed by other software. Just check it yourself.

Path: Settings > Game > game mode, keep the “game mode” in the right pane checked.

In general, win10 is stronger in games than previous systems. With the addition of new technologies, many new games have a lot of room to play in win10 system. However, if you prefer old games, you can set win10 according to the above method.

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