Win10 system computer can’t shut down normally how to do? Win10 computer can’t shut down the solution


How can win10 system computer shut down normally?When some netizens shut down the computer, they found that the computer did not have any reaction. What should we do? The following article will bring detailed solutions. Interested friends may as well read this article to understand.

Solution of win10 computer’s failure to shut down normally

1. Open the start menu and click control panel

2. Change the viewing mode to a small icon and click the power option

3. Click to select the function of power button

4. Click on the blue link to change settings that are not currently available

5. Remove the check to enable quick start

6. Finally, click save.

7. This should be a smooth shutdown

The above is the win10 system computer can’t shut down normally what to do? Win10 computer can’t shut down the solution, I hope it can help you, friends can come to the developeppaer website when they are free, and there are many other information waiting for the partners to mine on our website!

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