Win10 shield can not be unloaded kb4577586 skills


Microsoft has already announced that it will not support flash at all by the end of this year. Now, Microsoft is on the move.Microsoft has made a new windows 10 patch kb4577586. The only function of this patch is to completely remove flash from the system.

Note that once kb4577586 is installed, it cannot be uninstalled, which can only be restored by system restoration. in other words,If you install the kb4577586 patch, the system and flash will be gone forever.

Microsoft has released a kb4577586 patch to remove flash, but it has not yet been pushed to windows update

However, at present, Microsoft has not pushed kb4577586 through windows update. If users want to install it, they can only download it through Microsoft’s update directory. Here is the detailed address.

Kb4577586 patch:

Download and install steps:

Go to Microsoft’s update directory

Search for ‘kb4577586’ in the search box.

Click the download button next to the version of windows you are using.

If your version of windows is not listed, please check again later.

Double click the. MSU file

When asked in time, please restart your computer.

If you want to completely remove flash, you can install this patch. However, there are always people who have to use flash. Now Microsoft doesn’t push this patch. What if it does? Can we just wait for flash to be deleted? Today, I’d like to share with you a way to block Microsoft patch push, in case Microsoft forcibly pushes flash to delete the patch in the future!

Here we need to use a tool from Microsoft called“Show or hide update”.

Software name:
Show or hide updates troubleshooter official version
Software size:
Update time:
2015-09-08Download now

Show or hide update official download:

As the name suggests, this is a tool for hiding patches. If you don’t want the system to receive a difference, you can hide it. Of course, if you want to re accept this patch, you can also use it to re open acceptance.

The use of show ro hide update is very simple. After downloading, double-click to run it. In this interface, there is a“senior”There is only one option to automatically repair,Just leave the default.

main interface

Next, the tool will let you choose to hide the update or redisplay the hidden update. Select the first one here to hide the update. If you want win10 to push the update again, you can run the tool again,Select the second option to redisplay the update.

Select “hide updates”

After that, show or hide update lists the updates received by the current system but not yet installed. Select the push you don’t want, and then click next. After that, you won’t receive this patch again.

Select the windows update push option you want to hide

After hiding, the update will no longer appear in the push

Yes, of courseBefore Microsoft has not pushed the kb4577586 patch to you, so you can’t block it with this tool. But we can prepare this tool first,WhenWhen Microsoft really pushes a patch to delete flash, it can be used to resist it.

Flash as a technology lagging behind the times, simply from the perspective of technology, there is no need to exist. However, due to different national conditions, there are still some domestic web tools that have not been upgraded and need to rely on flash. If you really need flash, try the above method.

Will windows 10 force flash to be removed? Teach you to block the whole process of kb4577586 that can’t be unloaded, hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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