Win10 resolution gray tone can not be solved?


As we all know, win10 system is an excellent system with many settings. Users can set up the computer by changing various settings. Today, Xiaobian brings you the solution of win10 resolution gray display! Don’t miss it.

What if the win10 resolution can’t be adjusted to gray

1. First, right-click on the win10 desktop and select the screen resolution.

2. After calling up the screen resolution setting window, click to open the advanced setting options.

3. In the pop-up window, click the Properties button in the adapter type.

4. In the pop-up “XXX properties” window (different graphics card drivers have different names), switch to the driver tab, and then click Update Driver.

5. Finally, in the update driver software window, click “automatically search for updated driver software”, and complete the update according to the instructions to solve the problem that win10 resolution gray cannot be adjusted.

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