Win10 quick preview 19592 update push (with summary of update and repair contents)


Microsoft released the latest Windows 10 quick preview 19592 system update early this morning. This is an active development version after windows 10 20h1 (also known as 2004 version). It is understood that although the functions in the active development branch may appear in the future version of windows 10, they no longer match the specific version of windows 10.

Windows 10 build 19592 update

Posture improvement of two in one PC tablet

Microsoft will once again launch a new experience for two in one PC tablet, first for windows insider quick preview. This experience is different from the current tablet mode experience. The new experience allows users to enter the tablet posture and make some key touch improvements, but will maintain a familiar desktop experience without interruption:

Separate taskbar icons

The search box on the taskbar collapses to icon only mode

When you click the text field, touch the keyboard to call it automatically

The file explorer element will have more padding to make it easy to interact with touch

You will also notice that relevant tablet settings have been updated under “Settings > system” so that you can control the use experience.

In order to ensure the quality, this function will be gradually introduced. First, some internal testers who have never removed the keyboard, or their tablet mode is set to “don’t ask me or switch”.

Microsoft would like to hear your feedback on the experience:

Use the two in one tablet PC with the application as usual.

When you are ready to pick it up or carry it with you or just lean back on the sofa, you can fold the keyboard back or completely remove it.

Use your device as a tablet with a touch screen without entering tablet mode.

Note to netizens: this function was previously launched as an experiment of 20h1 build 18970 and ended in build 19013. After some improvements, Microsoft reintroduces it into windows insiders in this version and plans to update it through windows 10 in the future.

General changes and improvements

The windows search platform (indexer) has been updated with improved logic to help find better time to index files and avoid extensive indexing when using computers. Improvements have also been made to significantly limit the content of files indexed by the service without affecting the time of the search experience, and to provide you with a better windows experience.


The problem that caused the arm device to receive error checking has been fixed and the code block of this version has been deleted.

Resolved a problem that might cause the optional features page in settings to appear blank.

The problem that the process stops at 84.9% when dism is running is solved.

Fixed the following problem: after successfully completing the installation of updates and restarting the device, the close button on the start menu still displays update and close and update and restart.

Fixed a problem that might cause windows update to fail with error 0x80070003.

Fixed a problem that could sometimes cause a crash when updates are paused or the windows update settings page is not loaded.

Fixed an issue in the previous version that caused extra rows in the taskbar jump list.

Fixed a problem that caused a black screen when sharing a single application on Microsoft teams so that others could only see the mouse.

Known problems

Battleeye and Microsoft found incompatibility due to operating system changes between some versions of insider preview and some versions of battleeye anti cheating software. In order to protect insiders who may have installed these versions on their PCs, Microsoft has applied compatibility reservations to these devices to prevent the affected version of windows insider preview.

Microsoft knows that narrator and NVDA users seeking the latest version of chromium based edge may encounter some difficulties when navigating and reading some web content. Narrator, NVDA and edge teams are aware of these issues. Users of older versions of Microsoft edge will not be affected. Nvaccess has released NVDA 2019.3, which addresses known issues with edge.

Microsoft is investigating reports that the update process was suspended for a long time when trying to install a new version.

Some devices may experience a green screen panic (gsod) during reboot to install this update. If this happens, log in, schedule the time to install the updates, and then log out of all user profiles before the installation time. The installation will then proceed as expected.

The document section under privacy has a corrupted icon (just a rectangle).

When you try to capture a screenshot using Win + prtscn, the image is not saved to the screenshots directory. At present, you need to use one of the other options to take screenshots, such as Win + Shift + s.

Microsoft is investigating reports that the note window cannot be moved on the desktop. The workaround is to press Alt + space when the focus is set to note. This displays a menu with the move option. Select it, then you should be able to move the window using the arrow keys or the mouse.

Microsoft is investigating reports that some internal testers received driver compatibility warnings when trying to update to a newer version in some virtual environments.

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