Win10 prompt can not access the specified device path or file how to do?


As we all know, in Windows 10 system, we can double-click to run the program. But how to solve the problem that we can’t open the program after double clicking in win10 system? Recently, the users of win10 system run the program in win10, and they encounter the error that Windows cannot access the specified device path or file. What should we do? The following small make-up to share with you under the specific solutions, interested friends do not miss.

Method 1

1. First, find the file or folder that cannot be opened, right-click and select properties to open.

2. Switch to the security option, and then click Advanced options to open it.

3. In the advanced security settings window, click the change button after the owner to open it and enter the next step.

4. Enter the user name currently used by the system. If you don’t know what the user name is, click Advanced, and then click find now.

5. In the search results, we can see our user name, select the user name, and then click OK.

6. Go back to the property interface, switch to the security option, click Edit, select the user name just added in the above box, check “allow” in all the boxes below, and click OK.

Method 2

On the win10 desktop, the blank space. Right click, new – text document. Double click to open the new text document.

Copy and paste the following code.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@=””%1″ %*”

“IsolatedCommand”=””%1″ %*”

Click file and save as win10.reg. Click save.

Double click win10.reg. Click Yes again. That’s the solution.

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