Win10 professional activation method is really effective with activation tool


Win10 professional permanent activation tutorial! Personal test is effective!I believe many friends will encounter the problem of win10 Professional Edition expiration, how to activate it for free? In fact, win10 professional version of free activation is really simple, as long as you can enter a paragraph of text, there are detailed activation tutorial.

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HEU kms activator activation tool (one click free activation license) v19.6.3 know your enemy and know your friend
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2020-07-21Download now

1. Right click on the start menu, then select the command prompt administrator and click open.

2. Now copy the command here and paste it directly into the command prompt interface, as shown in the figure

slmgr /ipk VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

slmgr /skms

slmgr /ato

After copying, when pasting to the command prompt, you can press the keyboard Ctrl + V to paste.

3. After activation, in order to view the activation status, here we can press “Win + R” on the keyboard to open the operation, then here we enter the command slmgr.vbs – XPR, and click OK to run the command!

4. In the window that appears at this time, you will be prompted to activate permanently, indicating that it has been successful. You can try the operation yourself.

The above is the permanent activation of win10 professional version of the method, and quickly try it