Win10 patch kb4579311 lead to boot black screen how to do?


Recently released windows 10 October 2004 cumulative update (kb4579311) as part of “Patch Tuesday”, October 2020 security update brings improvements and bug fixes.However, it’s not news that there are some problems after windows is installed and updated. The installed users have reported many problems. Microsoft answers forum and feedback hub have reported some problems.

1. Windows update could not install kb4579311, some users have errors.

2. Manually downloading the installation from Microsoft catalog will also trigger an error.

3. The update results in login and stuck problems,The desktop turns black after startupUSB network printing also has problems

4. The resource manager cycle crashes after login and becomes unresponsive.

Generally speaking, some users will face problems when installing windows 10 cumulative updates, but this is also the case when installing regular updates, especially when more and more users report the above [1] [2] [3].

When Windows Update cannot be installed, a general error code will be displayed(0x800f0988), described as: “there was a problem installing the update, but we’ll try again later.” “some update files are missing or have problems. We will try to download the update again later. Error code (0x8007000d) “.

Users who installed the October patch also said,They can’t log in to windows 10 and have a black screen when starting. The most reported problem is that the update can’t be downloaded and installed manually through windows update.

But do not be afraid, unless there is a major problem, otherwise the normal system should not uninstall this security update. If you encounter a problem, you need to do this only if you plan to restore the system to working state.

How to uninstall kb4579311 update? Visit“Control Panel > programs > programs and features > installed updates.Select security update for Microsoft Windows(KB4579311)”Click uninstall.

The above is the solution of win10 patch kb4579311 leading to boot black screen, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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