Win10 open administrator account


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I. enable administrator account

In the search bar of the desktop, enter “CMD” to start the search, and the first search result is “command prompt”. Right click the command prompt and select the run as administrator option.

Win10 open administrator account

Next, we type in the command line window

net user administrator /active:yes

Win10 open administrator account

Then press enter. After the command completion information prompt is displayed on the page, it means that the administrator account has been opened successfully, and you can enter the administrator account after you log off.

II. Close administrator account

When we no longer need to log in to the administrator account, we can close it. The specific closing method is still input in the command line window

net user administrator /active:no

Click enter. After entering the command, press enter, and the page will display the message “command completed”, and the administrator account will be closed.

3. Delete the administrator’s profile, so as to completely delete the administrator’s account

Right click “this computer” = = “” properties “= =” “advanced system settings”:

Win10 open administrator account

Click “advanced” = = “user profile settings”

Win10 open administrator account

Delete the amount account profile you want to delete

Win10 open administrator account

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