Win10 new game task manager has been launched, how to experience in advance?


Microsoft has been developing a new modern task manager that can help users view statistics about system performance and GPU without leaving the game or causing the game to crash.

According to windows latest, the new modern windows 10 task manager has been built into the Xbox game bar,Allows users to monitor applications, services and processes running on a PC.

The same below

This modern task manager is called“resource monitor ”, which is part of last month’s internal preview update. up to now,Non insiders can get this feature by updating the Xbox game bar from the Microsoft Store.

It is worth mentioning that this update is only applicable to users in the windows 10 production channel (for example, version 2004, 1909 or 1903). It seems to be launched step by step and not everyone receives this update,But it is likely to be launched in November.

As shown in the figure below, the modern resource monitoring tool of windows 10 is part of the new widgets menu and store of Xbox game bar. It can help you list the processes (program instances) running in the background and their system resource usage,Users can delete irrelevant programs by “×”.

It can help users monitor resource intensive software that may run in the background and affect game performance.

Developer learned that,Users can call the Xbox game bar through Win + G, please check by yourself.

The above is win10 new game task manager related introduction, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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