Win10 new features bring a new voice typing and dictation experience


As we all know, Microsoft is developing a new feature of windows 10 that will help you control text fields when you don’t want to use the mouse and keyboard. With the new voice typing experience, you can now easily use dictation text to create documents, e-mails, etc. don’t miss it.

For a long time, windows has provided its own dictation function, so that you can use voice typing wherever there is a text field in Windows 10, but Microsoft is now developing “the most reliable voice typing experience in Windows history”.

This new voice dictation feature will bring great power to your typing experience. It will also benefit from the modern design of dictation mode and touch keyboard.

It also has the function of automatic punctuation, which helps you write down your ideas more easily by automatically inserting periods, question marks and exclamation marks.

The automatic punctuation function needs to be turned on manually from the setting.

As mentioned above, Microsoft has also created a new modern design for the dictation experience. If you use the physical keyboard and press the win + H shortcut key, you will see the following screen.

If you are using a virtual keyboard, you can press and hold the microphone icon to enter the dictation function, as shown in the figure below.

It house learned that Microsoft has also launched the function of using voice to stop and start the function, rather than clicking the icon. The new dictation experience will also provide you with tools to edit documents, including commands to delete or select parts of text.

This new feature will make dictation more powerful, flexible and useful than the current implementation.

Microsoft pointed out that the newly integrated speech recognition function of windows 10 is still under development and will eventually become better before it is released to the public.

The voice input experience will be available in the following regions and languages.

English: the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and India.

French: France and Canada.

Portuguese: Brazil.

Simplified Chinese: China.

Spanish: Mexico and Spain.

German, Italian and Japanese.

Similarly, it should be noted that in Windows 10, you can still use the physical keyboard and virtual keyboard for voice input anywhere.

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