Win10 mysql-5.7.28×64 bit installation


Download and install

fromOfficial website of MySQLDownload the installation package as shown in the figure below

Win10 mysql-5.7.28x64 bit installation

Unzip Mysql to a user-defined location, and then add the path to the environment variable path where the unzipped bin directory of MySQL is located. For example, mine is: D: mysql-5.7.28-winx64.bin.

As an administrator, execute the following command to install the MySQL service and start it

mysqld -install
mysqld --initialize
net start mysql

Change coding

If you don’t change it, the consequences will be very serious, unless you only use English database
Using commandsshow variables like 'char%';You can view your database code
Remember to restart the database after the change. Previously created tables need to be re created before the coding changes will take effect

Add a new one in the MySQL installation directory my.ini Documents. The contents are as follows:

Win10 mysql-5.7.28x64 bit installation

#Unzip directory
#Unzip directory下data目录

Change Password

First, get the initial password, as shown in the figure below

Win10 mysql-5.7.28x64 bit installation

MySQL - U root - P ා enter the password you just saw
#Change the password and divide it into old and new versions
set password for  [email protected]  =Password ('123 '); this is what I used
Alter user 'root' @'localhost 'identified by' 123 ';, new, I guess it is 8.0 or above

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