Win10 left mouse button to right mouse button failure how to do?


A friend reported that the wireless mouse he used in his laptop suddenly changed from the left button to the right button, that is, when the left button clicks on the desktop of the system, the right button menu pops up. When the right button clicks on the desktop, there is no response. The functions of the left button and the right button of the mouse are interchanged. Today, let’s take a look at the solution to the problem of function exchange between the left and right mouse buttons. For details, please see the introduction of the two methods below.

Method 1

Enter Windows settings and click【equipment】-Bluetooth, printer, mouse;

In the open device window, we click the【mouse】;

In the right window corresponding to the mouse, we can see that:

Mouse – select main button-Right key

Click the small button in the box【】, click in the drop-down menuLeft

When the main button box isLeft The functions of the left and right mouse buttons should be interchanged.  

Method 2

Access controlPanel mouse;

In the mouse properties window, we can see that:

Mouse button configuration

☑ Toggle primary and secondary buttons

Select this check box to set the right button to be used for major functions such as selection and drag and drop (that is, the right button becomes the left button).

Pay attention to observe the mouse picture, the color of the right button is darker.

Click this check box, click the tick in last year’s box, and then click:Application – confirmAt this time, the left and right mouse buttons should have been interchanged.

Pay attention to the color of the left mouse button.

PS: a small skill of using mouse to copy text. There is a very fast way for mouse to select all characters in Windows 10 system. We use the left mouse button to click on the first character of the article, then move to the last character of the article, press the shift key on the keyboard, and then click on the last character with the left mouse button. You will find that all the words have been selected at this time, and no matter how long the article is, you can have a try.

The above are the two solutions of win10 mouse left button to right button failure, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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