Win10 installation version 1903 64 bit professional version official original ISO image detailed graphic steps (permanent activation)


At present, the latest version of win10 is win10 1903 system, which was released by Microsoft in July 2019. The interface and function of this version have changed a lot. The system is more fluent and the system operation interface is more refreshing. It is valuable to add the function of windows sandbox, which can let you run some unknown and safe programs, avoid the computer being disturbed by viruses, and be more secure! After 4 months of updating, the system is more perfect and stable. The sharing of small editors is a small modified version. It integrates the latest updated patches and runtime libraries, and is permanently activated. It can be downloaded and used if necessary.

Win10 1903镜像

Win10 1903 experience:

1. First of all, there is an important function, windows sandbox. You can run any program in this sandbox without any changes to the system. This function is very useful. You can run it in the sandbox to check the effect even if the file has a virus.

2. The function of clipboard history is not bad. There can be multiple clipboard information in memory at the same time. Users can paste selectively.

3. In terms of speed, the experience of xiaobianjue is good. Of course, it has something to do with everyone’s computers and different hardware environments have different effects.

4. Search is separated from Xiaona. Maybe some friends will like it and some won’t.

5. At present, many games are not compatible with win10 1903, especially Tencent’s games, can’t play! You should pay attention to this. (resolved)

6. Generally speaking, win10 system is a long-term evolution system. At the beginning of the new version, there may be many bugs. Everyone should have the spirit of eating crabs. After several updates of the gold standard, it will become more and more useful.

Features of win10 installation 1903 64 bit professional ISO image (automatic activation of optimized version) system:

1、 Stable compatibility

1. It adopts the may update version of win10 1903 (19h1) released by Microsoft, and integrates and cumulatively updates the official version of kb4497935 (18362.145), so as to solve the problem of game compatibility with the latest version

2. It can only simplify its own application, and other functions can not be simplified. It can be updated automatically

3. Integrated windows essential runtime, VC + + 2005 to v2017 full version, dx9.0 game components have been provided

4. Integrate Microsoft. Net Framework 3.5 prerequisites

5. Digital rights activation (permanent activation)

Two, fast

1. Optimize system services disable unnecessary services to improve system performance

2. Clear startup items, scheduled tasks and other items that consume system resources

3. Optimize the system process and improve the efficiency of system resource utilization

4. Optimize the automatic release of DLL Dynamic Connection library not used

5. Optimize power on and power off speed and desktop response speed

6. Optimize software response speed and improve CPU priority

3、 Humanized setting

1. Disable automatic installation and promote application

2. Suggestions are not allowed in the start menu (by powerxing04)

3. Turn off find associated apps in the store (by asoft)

4. Close store app promotion (by, cloud.)

5. Windows focus promotion (by, cloud.)

6. Turn off get tips and advice when using windows (by, cloud.)

7. Turn off highlight newly installed programs (by)

8. Disable automatic installation of recommended applications (by it home)

9. Close onedrive (by rambin)

10. Close executable shield

11. Disable autoplay (by rambin)

12. Open folder window in a separate process (by breeze TM)

13. Show full path when Explorer window is minimized (by original sin)

14. Turn off the video file preview and improve the response speed of the explorer

15. Turn off the preview of music files and pictures, and improve the response speed of the explorer

16. Quick access does not display common folders (by tracing sand tide)

17. Quick access does not display recently used files (by tracing sand tide)

Installation method introduction:

1. After downloading the win10 64 bit ISO image, a win10 U disk installation disk is made, which is started to the installation interface with the U disk. For details, please refer to how to use the U disk to install win10 system? Detailed tutorial of installing win10 with the U disk

2. We restart the computer or plug in another computer that needs to install win10, turn on the computer, choose to drive from the U disk, press any key to start the installation of win10 system;

3. Select a step and click Install Now to enter the next step;

4. Next, you will be asked to enter the serial number. For the previous upgrade and installation, please do not enter it or it will not be activated. For the first installation, please do not enter it; click skip;

5. Next, choose Custom installation. Upgrade installation cannot be installed.

6. Format your installation partition, such as disk C (if your disk has not been partitioned, follow the prompts, and the over installation process will be automatically partitioned);

7. Next, select the formatted disk, and the next step is to copy and install the file;

8. After the installation is completed, the administrator account will be opened automatically, with the highest authority. The installation can be completed by driving the networking, including common software, which can be put into use.

Win10 1903 professional activation key:













Tip: if you are prompted for a key during system installation, you can skip it or say it later

Win 10 1903 version keys:

Win10 Home Edition: ytmg3-n6dkc-dkb77-7m9gh-8hvx7

Win10 Professional Edition: vk7jg-nphtm-c97jm-9mpgt-3v66t

Win10 Enterprise Edition: xgvpp-nmh47-7tthj-w3fw7-8hv2c

Win10 Education Edition: ynmgq-8ryv3-4pgq3-c8xtp-7cfby

Win10 home


Win10 home (EU version, no mediaplayer)

Coren: 4cprk-nm3k3-x6xxq-rxx86-wxchw professional


Win10 professional (EU version, no mediaplayer)


Win10 professional (EU version, without edge browser)


Win10 professional (EU version, no mediaplayer, no edge browser)

Professional SN: kndj3-gvhwt-3tv4v-36k8y-pr4pf Enterprise Edition


Win10 enterprise (EU version, no mediaplayer)


Win10 Enterprise Edition (long term service support branch 2015, without edge browser)


Win10 enterprise (EU version, no mediaplayer, no edge browser)


Win10 Education


Education (EU version, no mediaplayer)


Win10 single language version


Win10 country specific version (Chinese Name: Chinese version)


The above is a detailed tutorial compiled for you. I hope it can help you. Please continue to pay attention to developepaer for more content.