Win10 how to uninstall the latest quality update kb4549951 patch


  How do win10 uninstall the latest quality update kb4549951 patch?Recently, many users have a lot of small problems after updating kb4549951. If they want to uninstall, how can win10 update kb4549951? There are friends who don’t know. Let’s have a look!

  Steps for win10 to uninstall the latest quality update kb4549951 patch

1. Press win to open the start menu in the lower left corner. In the menu list, click the setting above the power button, or right-click in the blank space of the desktop. In the open menu item, select display setting or personality setting, and then click the home page in the upper left corner to enter windows setting. The search box can find the setting, or directly find and click Update and security (windows update, recovery, backup);

2. In the update and security home page setting window, select windows update on the left and click View update history on the right (view the updates installed on your device);

3. View the update history setting window and evaluate the impact possibility of system update according to the recent installation of quality update and driver update. After checking the update history, it is found that the kb4549951 patch has been updated, click uninstall update in the upper left corner,;

4. Path: control panel / programs / programs and functions / installed updates, uninstall and update the recent updates, and then restart the computer. Uninstalling and updating only deletes the patches of the updated files, which will not have other adverse effects. You can operate safely and restart the computer after uninstallation;

The above is the graphic tutorial on how to uninstall the recent quality update kb4549951 patch for win10 shared by developeppaer. Just follow the steps above.