Win10 how to quickly clean up C disk and several methods to completely clean up C disk garbage files


How does win10 system clean Disk C the cleanest?Many users have nothing to do with the growing garbage of Disk C, so how can win10 completely clean up the garbage of Disk C? The C disk cleaning methods shared by developeppaer today are quite practical. The cleanest way to clean up the C disk garbage is to use the cleaning tools provided by the win system. Let’s take a look at the method and steps of completely cleaning disk C in win10 system shared by developeppaer!

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Win10 how to thoroughly clean up C disk garbage

Method 1: delete temporary files

1. Click win on the computer and a dialog box will pop up on the left side of the system. Click the setting in the position shown in the figure to enter the system setting.

2. In the pop-up system setting window, click the system option in the position shown in the figure. In this option, the main contents are: display, sound, notification, storage and other related settings.

3. In system settings, click Save settings in the navigation bar on the left side of the system to enter the system to save relevant settings.

4. In storage, you can view the current occupation of local storage, as shown in the figure. Click Disk C in the position shown in the figure to view the specific situation of disk C. It can be seen that the main memory occupation is that applications and temporary files occupy a large amount

5. Storage awareness is a function that comes out only after the system is updated. If you open this function here, you will automatically prompt you to clean up the garbage when you need to clean up the garbage. Click “free space now” below to enter the space release program.

6. Click “free space immediately” in the above figure to search the garbage stored in Disk C of the system. As shown in the figure below, 2G + garbage has been searched. It should be noted here that check the recycle bin and previous windows installation, check it, and click clean now above to clean up the garbage.

Method 2: disk cleaning

1. On the computer desktop, click “this computer” to manage.

2. Select disk management

3. Select the disk you want to clean, right-click and select properties.

4. Click the “disk cleanup” button at the bottom of the page

5. In the interface that appears, select the file to be cleaned, click OK, and then click delete file.

Method 3. Disk cleaning (belonging to the second method of opening)

1. On the computer desktop, click “start”, click “control panel”, click “management tools”,

2. Click “disk cleanup”

3. Select the disk to be cleaned and click “OK”.