Win10 file or directory is damaged and cannot be read


Win10 system file or directory is damaged and cannot be read. What should I do if the error code is 0x80070570?When copying files, many users have the problem of error code 0x80070570. So, win10 system file or directory is damaged and cannot be read. How to solve the problem of error code 0x80070570? To solve this problem, today’s developer Xiaobian brings you the solution steps of the file or directory of 0x80070570 which is damaged and unreadable!

Solution steps of file or directory of win10 system 0x80070570 damaged and unreadable

Failure cause analysis:

This error prompt appears, most users use the thunderbolt tool to download, thunderbolt uses P2P technology, the whole download file is composed of fragments, so using thunderbolt download is very likely to cause minor damage to the downloaded ISO file.

Solution 1

1. Press“Win+X”Key combination to call out the system shortcut menu, click“command prompt(administrator)

2. At the command prompt, enter:DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /RestoreHealthThen press enter and wait patiently (this command is to restore the different system files to the official source files, and keep the third-party software and user settings completely, which is much better than reloading. And in the process of scanning and repairing, the undamaged part of the system can work normally, and the computer will work as usual.)

3. To repair an online image without using windows update, you can use another version of the system that you downloaded yourselfDism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:c:\test\mount\windows /LimitAccess

Solution 2

1. Double click this computer on the desktop to enter the disk where the file is located.

2. Then click “properties” below the pop-up window.

3. Then click the “tools” option bar.

4. Then click “check”.

5. Click “scan drive” in the check.

6. After scanning, it can be repaired.

The above is the solution steps of error code 0x80070570 shared by developer. I hope this tutorial can help you!