Win10 dev preview 20201 system officially updated


As we all know, Microsoft pushes windows 10 preview build 20201 system update to windows insider users of dev development channel. It house learned that this update has hardly added important new functions, mainly bug repair. Of course, it has also announced some known problems. Interested friends should not miss it.

Win10 preview build 20201 update:


Microsoft has fixed a problem that some Microsoft Store games protected by easy anti cheat software cannot be started. Some games may still need to release updates to completely solve this problem.

Microsoft fixed a problem where the IME mode indicator in the taskbar shows that ime is enabled when it is actually disabled.

Microsoft fixed a problem in the past several versions. When HDR is enabled, the HDR display appears black.

Microsoft fixed a problem where the min / max / close button was stuck in its original position after resizing the uwp application.

Microsoft fixed the problem that setinputscope does not work when called after the application is initialized.

Known problems

Microsoft is investigating reports that the update process has been suspended for a long time when trying to install a new build version.

Microsoft is investigating reports that the new taskbar experience of some websites is unusable.

Microsoft is working to fix it to enable real-time preview of fixed website tags.

Microsoft is trying to enable a new taskbar experience for existing fixed websites. At the same time, you can unpin the website from the taskbar and remove it from the edge://apps Remove from the page, and then re pin the site.

Microsoft is trying to fix a problem that fixed websites cannot display all open tags of a domain. At the same time, you can solve this problem by fixing the home page of the website instead of a specific page (for example, fixing instead of Microsoft. COM / windows).

Microsoft is repairing to solve the synchronization problem with some mail services in the mail application.

Microsoft is trying to solve the problem that office documents may open blank when they are opened from file explorer. If you encounter this problem on this build version or build 20197, if you open the file from within the application instead of from file explorer, the file should render correctly.

Microsoft is investigating reports that some office applications crashed or lost after updating to the new version.

Microsoft is investigating that some devices received the error code kernel_ MODE_ HEAP_ Blue screen report of corruption’s death.

Microsoft is investigating reports that the settings application crashed when opening manage disks and volumes.

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