Win10 desktop is always created automatically debug.log What about the documents?


If you use chrome based browsers (chrome, edge, brave, etc.) on Windows 10, you should notice a browser named“ debug.log “The mysterious document of.When you run these browsers under Windows 10, you even have the opportunity to create them on your desktop debug.log However, the analysis by the technicians shows that the file was created by chromium browser, and it is not the fault of Microsoft and the third-party browser developers.

Chromium is an open source platform, it supports your favorite browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft edge, brave and Vivaldi, and occupies the world browser market share.

Chrome open source project generates the source code used by these browsers. A bug in chrome will affect all browsers using its source code. After users create chrome edge based browsers recently, they will find that“ debug.log File, and the error “FindFirstFile: the system cannot find the specified path” appears. The file is pinned on the desktop.

“A folder named debug.log There are several lines in the file indicating that the system cannot find the specified path. “A user pointed out in the feedback center. Many users have also reported this problem in Microsoft’s community forum and chromium error library.

It is possible that the chromium developer added a task to check whether there is a problem with the browser. Ideally, all relevant browsers should be able to work without creating the above files.

How to repair windows 10 debug.log Wrong?

Fortunately, you can prevent chromium from being created on the desktop by deleting a folder called crashpad debug.log Documents.

To fix it debug.log error, please follow the steps below.

PressWin+ROpen a run window.

If you use edge, enter% localappdata% / Microsoft / edge / user data / crashpad.

If you use chrome, enter% localappdata% / Google / Chrome / user data / crashpad.

Delete all files and folders in the crashpad folder.

Restart windows.

If the steps are correct, the browser should no longer create the file.

That’s why win10 desktops are always created automatically debug.log File solutions, I hope you like, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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