Win10 Creator Update Autumn Edition 16299.550 Update Patch Model KB4345420 (Patch Download and Update Content)


On July 17, in addition to Win10 updating April version 17134.166, Microsoft also brought the creator updating autumn version 16299.550.

Creator updates autumn version 16299.550 belongs to version 1709, the specific patch model is KB4345420. This update is mainly about fixing Bug and improving stability. The update log is the same as the April version of Win10 update 17134.166.

Following is the autumn version 16299.550 update for Windows 10 creators:

The problem of receiving 0xD1 Stop errors for some devices running network monitoring workload due to installation of July update was solved.

To solve the problem of DHCP failover server, this problem may cause the enterprise client to receive invalid configuration when requesting a new IP address, resulting in loss of connection.

Solves the problem that may cause occasional failures in restarting the SQL Server service.

Solve the problem that occurred when administrators tried to stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC).

Windows 10 Creator Update Autumn Version 16299.550 Offline Pack Download: Click on this link

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