Win10 configuration redis service implementation process


1、 Windows installation:

Download address: (there is no window version on redis official website, so it needs to be downloaded from GitHub);

Install redis-x64-3.2.100.msi, and double-click the newly downloaded MSI format installation package (redis-x64-3.2.100. MSI) to start the installation.

Select agree agreement and click next to continue.

Select “add redis directory to environment variable path”, so that the system can automatically identify where the redis execution file is.

The port number can be kept at 6379 by default, and the firewall exception can be selected to ensure normal access to redis service.

Set the maximum value to 100m. As an experiment and learning, 100m is enough.

After clicking install, the formal installation process begins. Just a moment to finish.

Click Start > right click computer > select manage. In the left column, find and click “computer management (local)” > services and Applications > services. Then find the service with the name of redis on the right, and check the startup status. If not, start it manually.

Under normal circumstances, the service should be up and running normally.

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