Win10 build 19025 today push windows search optimized


Microsoft has released a compiled version of windows 10 20h1 build 19025 for internal testers. It is reported that in the 20h1 version of the system, windows search indexer has been officially optimized and other errors have been fixed. It includes many fixes and improvements, such as the more efficient windows search palace. Unlike the November 2019 update, windows 10 20h1, as the next major update, is expected to be released in the spring of 2020, but may also meet you in advance.

In this release,Microsoft has added an improved windows search algorithm that can detect high disk usage and activity, better determine peak usage times, and manage indexers accordingly。 Microsoft has also made changes to developer permissions to prevent searches for specific repositories and project folders to improve disk usage.

The complete log is as follows:

PC general changes, improvements and fixes

Fixed previous issues that caused sandbox and wdag to not work properly

Fixed a problem that caused some fingerprint readers to become unavailable since build 19013.

Fixed issues that may cause VPN settings to hang after upgrade.

Help fix problems that may cause some modern UI components, including notifications and network pop ups, to be scaled too large or too small after connecting to an external monitor or migrating remotely to a computer from a monitor with a monitor.

Fixed issues that affect the login performance of some users in recent releases.

Fixed a problem that caused windows Hello authentication not to work with some applications in the latest version.

Fixed a problem that might cause the mouse pointer not to display when you log on to the PC locally after remote login.

Fixed the problem that when using a fixed touch keyboard on a large screen, the key would stretch out to cover the width of the display instead of maintaining the optimal touch interaction width.

Fixed a problem that might cause ctfmon.exe to crash when used with Japanese ime in some text fields.

Fixed a problem where a new edge might cause web activity in the timeline to fail to open.

Fixed a problem that a large number of application deployment failures in a short period of time may cause the evtx file saved under% windir% \ temp to use a large amount of disk space.

Fixed a bug 0x8007000a that caused some apps to fail to update

Fixed jitter when using magnifier in some multi display configurations.

Fixed a problem where the mouse pointer does not start from where the magnifying glass viewport is when it has moved away from where it was typed.

Fixed a problem that affected users to read aloud in outlook.

Fixed memory issues in eoaexperiences.exe.

Known problems

Battleye and Microsoft found incompatibilities due to operating system changes between some versions of insider preview and some versions of battleye anti cheating software. In order to protect insiders who may have installed these versions on their PCs, we applied compatibility reservation to these devices to prevent the affected version of windows insider preview.

Some insiders reported that after the printer driver was successfully installed from the optional updates section, it still appears to be available for installation. We are investigating and trying to solve the problem.

We have received and are reviewing some reports,These reports mention that when some external USB 3.0 drives are connected, they will stop responding and start code 10 or 38 will be displayed.

The above is the summary of update content and known problems of win10 build 19025. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developepaer.