Win10 boot blue screen termination code system_ SERVICE_ What about exception


win10 SYSTEM_ SERVICE_ What about the exception blue screen?What causes the blue screen error of win10 systemserviceexception? Today, the developeppaer editor has brought you a solution to the win10 startup blue screen termination code systemserviceexception. Let’s learn more about it!

Win10 system systemserviceexception blue screen solution tutorial

When the blue screen code appears, the first thing to do is to think about what the operation is, and then the blue screen appears? This is the first major focus of solving the problem.

Recall that I was operating to open the cloud software platform. As soon as I opened the cloud service, system appeared_ service_ Exception has a blue screen, and it can’t be started normally after restarting several times. So I used the CD (USB flash disk or boot disk) to enter the PE system, modified the folder name on the cloud, and started it normally. As a result, I successfully entered the win10 desktop! After searching, it turned out that the blue screen was caused by the incompatibility between the cloud software platform and win10! What can I do? After checking, there is no solution for the time being (the cloud official gave up the cloud very early, and win8 was not updated when it came out), so there are only two ways to choose: either throw away the cloud or switch back to win7 to continue using the cloud. I chose the latter!

Problem cause analysis

1、 If the computer has been used for a long time, the memory is broken, or multiple memories are incompatible, it may be solved by changing the memory.

2、 The computer has been used for a long time, and the hard disk is broken. Re partitioning and installing the system can repair the bad logic,

Still can’t, then it’s time to change the hard disk. You can change the hard disk.

3、 System problems. The operating system is very important for the use of the whole computer,

The blue screen caused by system problems is generally the damage of system files. Tencent computer Housekeeper – Toolbox – system first aid kit, or one click restore or redo the system

4、 The virus will also make the computer blue screen, which can be completely checked and killed by Tencent computer housekeeper.

Don’t panic when you encounter something. Think about it first:

1. First recall what software or driver was operated or updated before the blue screen code appeared, and then reinstall it and don’t use the previous software or driver.

2. It may be that the system is incompatible with the hardware. Reinstall it with another system.

3. If a genuine system is installed, there is a repair option after restart, which can be repaired according to the instructions (whether it is feasible is not tested).

4. According to system_ SERVICE_ According to the prompt in parentheses after the exception code, find the corresponding driver or file and delete it (in the case I encountered, longradrvamd64.sys has been deleted or renamed, and there is no blue screen, but the cloud service can’t start. It seems that I can’t have both).

5. Some third-party anti-virus software may also cause blue screen problems, so you can uninstall the anti-virus software to see if the problem can be solved.

If you don’t want to toss, reinstalling the system is the simplest and crudest way to solve the problem. If you don’t want to reinstall the system and are not afraid of tossing, you can try the following tossing.