Win10 blue screen error prompt how to repair DPC and quickly solve DPC blue screen tutorial


What about win10 blue screen error prompt DPC?When using win10 operating system, in some cases, the system may have a blue screen and an error prompt DPC. So, how can DPC solve the blue screen error of win10 system? In fact, this may be because there is a problem with the driver of our computer. You can set it in the driver interface of the system. There are also friends who don’t understand. Let’s learn more about it with developeppaer Xiaobian!

How to avoid computer blue screen?

There are many kinds of blue screen errors, but most of them are caused by the failure to update many drivers in time after the new system is installed. Therefore, after the new system is installed and the system is updated, the first thing is to download the 360 driver master and 360 security guard to check and repair the computer, so that 90% of the computer blue screen problems can be avoided.

Software name:
360 driver master integrated universal network card driver v2.0.0.1600 official installation version
Software size:
Update time:
2020-07-28Download now
Software name:
360 security guard international v7.2.0.1021 Chinese advertising special edition
Software size:
Update time:
2020-07-17Download now

DPC solution steps for win10 system blue screen display error

1. First click this computer, click manage, open the device manager, and find “ide ATA / ATAPI controller”

2. Then open the controller properties with “SATA AHCI”, switch to the driver tab, and click “update driver”

3. Locate and open browse computer for driver software

4. Select select from your computer’s device driver list and click next

5. Finally, select “standard dual channel PCI IDE controller”, click next to install, and then restart the system

The above is the solution steps of win10 blue screen error prompt DPC shared by developeppaer. I hope this tutorial can help you.