Win10 blue screen error code DPC watchdog violation solution steps


What about win10 blue screen error code DPC watchdog violation?Recently, the user encountered the blue screen of DPC watchdog violation prompted by win10 system. Developeppaer Xiaobian thinks that this kind of problem may be caused by the compatibility of our system, or there is a problem with the memory module. There are many reasons for this problem, so we can’t judge which one is the problem, so the developeppaer editor will share with you some tested and effective methods!

A blue screen prompt appears: your computer has encountered a problem and needs to be restarted. If you want to know more, you can connect the computer later to search for the error code, DPC watchlog violation

Some faults will automatically collect error information and automatically send it to Microsoft for analysis.

We only collect some error information and restart for you. (100% automatic restart)

Method 1: update the driver.

1. When the computer is on, the blue screen always prompts DPC for no reason_ WATCHDOG_ Violation, as shown in the figure below. Restart the computer first.

2. After the computer restarts, find the computer icon on the desktop, right-click and select manage.

3. On the open management page, click the device manager on the left, and then you can see that the first one is ide ATA / ATAPI controller. Click it to see that the default is Intel motherboard SATA AHCI driver.

4. Double click it to open the SATA configuration page, then click the driver option on the setup page, and then click Update Driver below.

5. Then a pop-up window will pop up, allowing you to select the location of the driver. Click browse my computer below to find drivers.

6. Click again to select from the list of available programs of the computer. After opening, you can see that there are two drivers, one is the SATA / AHCI driver of Intel motherboard just seen, and the other is the standard SATA / AHCI driver of windows system. Click the one of windows system, and then click Next.

7. After a moment, the driver installation will be completed. Click the close button to end the driver installation.

8. Then on the device manager page, you can see that the driver of IDE controller has become the standard SATA / AHCI driver of windows system. A window will pop up in a moment, indicating that you need to restart to save the configuration. Click Yes to restart the system. After the restart, it will return to normal, and there will be no blue screen again.

Method 2. If the above method does not solve your problems, you can refer to the following solutions.

One of the faults:

Since Microsoft can’t solve it perfectly for the time being, users need to worry about themselves. Has the driver been updated before? One error is that the blue screen is displayed after the user upgrades to windows 10, and then the blue screen error prompt DPC is displayed_ WATCHDOG_ VIOLATION BSOD。 According to the analysis, the incompatibility problem is caused by the iastor.sys driver (blue screen stop code D1).

3 blue screen stop code D1

Fault 2:

Another problem is that the firmware of the older SSD drive is not compatible with the Windows 8 operating system (it’s OK to install other operating systems). Go to the official website of the solid-state disk to upgrade the components of this SSD drive, and the problem will be solved.

Fault 3:

Someone made an error when installing VMware Workstation 8, and then uninstalled the sound card and network card devices. The problem was also solved.

Method 3: update the following firmware / Driver:

-esif_lf.sys(Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework) (Intel thunderbolt driver)

[Manual Download] (recommended)

1. Go to the machine brand or the official website of each hardware brand

2. Download and install the latest driver according to the product model

Method 4. Completely uninstall the third-party application related to the problem:

-Mfeelamk.sys (McAfee antivirus software)

-AliPaladin64 (Alipay software)

-Xlwfp.sys (thunderbolt related applications)

-Screendriver2.sys (screen innovative phone input device related applications)

-pcdsrvc_ X64. (Dell supportassist software)

-Dddriver64dcsa.sys (Dell diag control device driver)

A) [control panel] delete

1. Type and open [control panel] in the search box on the taskbar

2. Select [program] > [program and function]

3. Click the program to be deleted, select uninstall, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Restart the machine

B) [Explorer] delete manually

1. Open the file resource browser

2. Search for keywords related to software and manually delete residual files

The above is the solution steps for the error prompt DPC watchdog violation on the win10 blue screen shared by developeppaer. So far, there is no perfect final solution to this problem. If so, Microsoft will release relevant patches. The genuine operating system should always pay attention to the dynamics of relevant updates, and update in time if any.