Win10 blue screen display disk damage how to solve?


As we all know, when using win10 operating system computers, if some small partners have a win10 computer blue screen in the process of daily use, and the display disk is damaged, what should we do if the win10 blue screen display disk is damaged? Xiaobian thinks that it may be the blue screen caused by some failures of our computer disk in the process of data storage. Can try to rule out the hardware or software problems, interested friends do not miss.

Win10 blue screen display disk damage how to do

1. To start the computer, press and hold the start button 1-2 times before the start logo appears,

Let the computer enter the windows recovery environment and select troubleshooting.

2. Then select restart Settings > Restart to restart the computer.

3. After the computer restarts, it will directly enter the startup setting menu. At this time, you only need to select the corresponding safe mode to start.

4. In the windows recovery environment, select troubleshooting > Advanced Options > command prompt.

5. Open a command prompt window and enter the SFC / scan now command,

And press enter to run the system file checking tool to scan and fix the problem. After the system files are repaired, restart the computer.

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